The Ever-growing Knowledge Metaverse

What is the Knowledge Metaverse?

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An immersive world built from the ground up to help and inspire

A world combining the real world around us with the digital information and additions of an XR-enabled universe.

Created through a network of users across thousands of locations, the knowledge metaverse is a digital grassroots movement.

Designed to interject the knowledge and possibilities of the internet and XR into real life environments for training and education.

Bring the knowledge metaverse to your home, work, and other surroundings to illuminate every room you ever enter.

An interconnected future

Bring the knowledge of the world to your fingertips

With the knowledge metaverse, EON Reality is removing the physical and logistical restraints that so often go along with learning, training, and performing professionally at the highest level. Through the knowledge metaverse, users around the world are able to access, study, and interact with information and activities created by the collective knowledge of humankind.

By digitally bringing this limitless connectivity into the real world surroundings of the users, the knowledge metaverse illuminates the settings and lives of people in a way that was previously only possible in science fiction. Detailed information, videos, stories, related objects, and more are all available just by reaching out and touching an item in real life, including encyclopedic rabbit holes that go as deep as the user would like.

The knowledge metaverse is what EON Reality has been building toward for two decades, as its ever-expanding global network provided the the perfect foundation for growing one of the most impressive and influential undertakings in modern history.

Endless opportunities

Improve learning, training, and everyday life

Thanks to EON Reality’s cloud-based architecture and hardware-agnostic approach, there are no limitations on who can connect to the knowledge metaverse or where they can bring it, as long as there’s a stable wireless internet connection. Students can transform their bedrooms into laboratories, while industrial workers can label, define, and explain complex machinery in a multitude of languages from anywhere in the world. Galleries can display biographies and similar works by their resident artists, or bring the entire exhibit to a user’s home. The only limits on the possibilities of the knowledge metaverse come from what the user can imagine.

Enlightening the world

Share your knowledge to help others

As with any societal education, the knowledge metaverse is a two-way street. EON Reality’s simplified content creation tools mean that users around the world are able to create their own entries and expand the metaverse in ways that can help educate other users practically and immediately. With thousands of licensed subject matter experts already contributing their own specialties and slices of wisdom all over the world, the knowledge metaverse’s exponential growth shows no sign of slowing down. One person can only know so much, but collectively, we can learn it all.

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