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Why an Internship at EON Reality is the best choice for your career?

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Are you ready to jumpstart your career and gain valuable hands-on experience in the field of AR and VR? Look no further than an internship at EON Reality. Our program…

The Knowledge Metaverse Updates

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Since I last reached out, developments at EON Reality for the Knowledge Metaverse have been gathering pace.  First I wish to thank all our valued partners for an amazing EON…

Why will the next 10 years of edtech smash the last 10?

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The next 10 years of edtech is now brimming with potential, with the advancement of complementary technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and more recently, the often-heard term Metaverse.…

How to use EON-XR to encourage critical thinking

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How can teaching strategies be adapted on EON-XR to encourage critical thinking while assessing comprehension? In this article, we share some tips based on real life examples that you could…

XR Knowledge Experience with An-Najah National University

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In this edition of XR Knowledge Experience, Renah sat down with Professor Allam Mousa of An-Najah National University based in the State of Palestine. During the one hour session, they…

Learn for Life Foundation brings close to 700,000 students back to the classroom

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We reflect on the last two years as the Learn for Life Foundation brought close to 700,000 students back to the classroom with the Grant Guarantee Program during the height…

Learn for Life Foundation announces lead sponsorship of the inaugural Sovereign Portuguese Art Prize.

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EON Reality’s not-for profit arm, Learn for Life Foundation is excited to announce its lead sponsorship of the inaugural Sovereign Portuguese Art Prize. Set to be the biggest annual art…

Watch EON Reality Chairman Discuss the Knowledge Metaverse in Asian Leadership Conference Webinar

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As a part of the knowledge metaverse global kickoff tour, EON Reality Chairman and Founder Dan Lejerskar was featured on the Asian Leadership Conference's latest webinar to discuss the recent…
Dell Partnership Brochure Image

Dell and EON Reality Unveil New Brochure Detailing Partnership

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In case you forgot, Dell and EON Reality announced a partnership centered around EON-XR over the summer, and now there's a brand new brochure to check out that goes over…
Self Directed Learning EON-XR

Why Self-Directed Learning with EON-XR Is More Effective

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In this week's issue of Peter's Pedagogical Corner, we revisit the research behind active learning and share how they are integrated into our Self-Directed Learning Initiative and EON-XR to increase…
new normal

The New Normal In Learning Isn’t All That New

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Does the pandemic spell the end of higher education? "Unlikely" says Founder Dan Lejerskar but argues the new normal in learning that everyone talks about, isn't all that new.   …
learning and assessment

Boosting Authentic Learning and Assessment with AR/VR

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This week,  Chief Learning Officer Dr. Peter Looker dives into authentic learning and assessment and how AR/VR could be used to boost these outcomes. The Problem with Higher Education Assessment…
Human Experience

Bridge to A Shared Human Experience with EON XR

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The Learn for Life 360 World Heritage Initiative, began with a simple vision - using immersive reality to build a bridge to a shared human experience. This vision has now…
AR/VR Technology Human Development

AR/VR Technology for Human Development

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How could AR/VR technology be used to serve human development efforts? In an address to a virtual audience, EON Reality Executive Vice President Anna Lejerskar, together with a panel from…
top history lessons

Immersive Learning : Our Top History Lessons

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Explore our top history lessons created  on EON-XR to unearth the stories of civilisation and cultures in immersion! A study of any period of history is underpinned by exploring what…
Edtech and Pedagogy

EdTech and Pedagogy Debate: Can AR and VR Shape Pedagogy?

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Edtech and Pedagogy, which comes first? In this week's edition of Peter's Pedagogical Corner, Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Peter Looker weighs in on the great edtech and pedagogy debate. Drawing…
AR VR Lessons

Become an Expert At Creating AR / VR Lessons With These 5 Videos

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Any teacher or student can now become an expert at creating AR and VR lessons on EON-XR by watching these 5 videos from EON Reality. EON-XR was designed to make…
Ideal Classroom AVR Platform

My Ideal Classroom with EON-XR

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Founder Dan Lejerskar, a huge proponent of active learning, imagines how the ideal classroom would look like with EON-XR. He shares his vision of an effective learning model and welcomes…
Higher Education in Africa

Higher Education in Africa After COVID-19

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How will higher education look like in Africa after COVID-19? Can immersive technologies play a larger role in learning as schools transition to a blended learning approach? As we consider…
Global Economy

How AR and VR Can Revitalize the Global Economy

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We live in an ever-changing world where everything is connected, so the interfaces and the way in which we utilise these connections has the potential to affect billions of people…
university post pandemic

Universities in a Post-Pandemic World

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Universities can change for the better in a post-pandemic world. How can universities change their teaching and business models when they start to reopen? Here is a roundup of what…
Global AR VR Network

Join EON Reality’s Global AR and VR Network

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Would you like to join EON Reality's global AR and VR network of distributors? We're the world leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) based knowledge transfer with a global…
Adding Value University Education

Adding Value to University Education

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As Sean Coughlan from the BBC reports, more than a third of students feel they are not getting value from their university education in the UK. Yet based on previous…
Online Active learning

5 Online Active Learning Strategies on EON-XR

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In this article, we discuss the principles of active learning and share 5 online active learning strategies that can be used on EON-XR. What is active learning? Active learning is…
Learn Faster Retain More

Learn Faster Retain More with AR and VR

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Peter’s Pedagogical Corner This week, Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Peter Looker investigates the role that AR and VR can play in helping students to learn faster and retain more information.…
AR and VR Home Entertainment

How AR and VR are Impacting Home Entertainment

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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) sprang to public prominence through the entertainment market, but the big moves forward are now being seen in the medical sector and manufacturing…
VR for Learning

Training and Learning in VR Just Got Better with Oculus Quest

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It's official, training and learning in VR just got better with Oculus Quest. EON Reality is now partnering Oculus Quest to offer quicker and simpler learning and training solutions through…
online learning

Online Learning Lesson Plan for AR and VR Lessons

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Are you looking to create an online learning lesson plan for an engaging online classroom experience on EON-XR? To help teachers figure out how to keep students engaged, we are…
AR and VR Higher Education

4 Ways Universities are using VR and AR

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As classrooms move into a new generation of digital transformation, the use of tools such as VR and AR in education are becoming one of the hottest topics in education…

AR/VR in Post Pandemic Higher Education

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How can AR/VR play a role in a post pandemic Higher Education landscape? The technological advances and ability to scale can bring transformative impacts. In this timely article by the…

Plug and Play Virtual Reality Experiences Unlocked

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EON Reality is unlocking plug and play virtual reality learning experiences with the Vault. For the first time in the company's 21 year history, we are providing unprecedented access to…

Online Learning: Convincing Faculty to Teach Differently

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As universities move to online learning, it is clear that fully replicating the lecture online is one of the least effective forms of teaching. Yet, one of the major barriers…

Project Based Learning Strategies with AR/VR

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How can educators adopt a project based learning strategies in AR/VR on EON-XR? In this video, Jamie Justice, Director for Education and Global Innovation uses 10 short examples of VR…

Create Virtual Reality Lessons Immediately

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Augmented and virtual technologies are now ready to solve the number 1 dilemma in the classroom both online and offline - Lesson creation.  Jonathan Lee, Senior Manager for Training and…

AR/VR : Creating Work Ready Graduates

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As reported by Paul Karp from the Guardian, Australian universities are facing the prospect of lost revenues from COVID-19. Founder Dan Lejerskar believes the wider conversation should include creating work…

Interactive Collaborative Learning in AR and VR

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The future of interactive, collaborative learning in AR and VR has arrived. On May 5th, EON Reality introduced a raft of updates which includes one of our most exciting features…

Create your Digital AR/VR Classroom

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Create your Digital Classroom : How can AR/VR play a role in the future of an online classroom? According to predictions from higher education analysts, students may continue to facing…

Join the Conversation: Education Risks and Opportunities

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a watershed moment for education, exposing the inherent weaknesses while revealing opportunities for transformation. In this piece by the Brookings Institution, experts from the UK…

Join the Conversation : Is the Future of College Online?

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Founder Dan Lejerskar shares his thoughts on the future of colleges and how it could lead to greater educational equity. "COVID-19 may just be that event that leads us to…

Join the Conversation: 5G Powered AR/VR Classrooms

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  Founder Dan Lejerskar shares his thoughts on the future of AR/VR classrooms powered by 5G technology. "A recent study found a 76-per-cent increase in learning outcomes when students used…

Role of AR and VR in Learning and Assessment

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Peter's Pedagogical Corner This week, we invited Peter Looker, Chief Learning Officer to share his vision on the role of AR and VR in authentic learning and assessment. He will…

Join the Conversation: Transforming Education

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In his latest post on LinkedIn, Founder Dan Lejerskar shares his thoughts and invites a conversation on the need to urgently revamp and transform education. "Why are we continuing with…

Create Learning Expeditions in AR and VR

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Go on Learning Expeditions in AR and VR With EON-XR, students and teachers now easily recreate learning expeditions in AR and VR to share with the class. Through the use…

COVID-19 Recovery with Competency Based Education

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What is competency based education?  How can competency based education play a role to help in COVID-19 recovery? In short, competency based education is an approach that allows students to…

Bringing AR and VR into the Classroom

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The use of AR and VR in classrooms is hardly a new phenomenon. Research studies have attested to its ability to lift student engagement and help them learn better. Yet,…

Scale Learning and Teaching for the Online Classroom

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At EON Reality, we are working at lightning speed to help classrooms around the world transition safely and effectively to an online classroom.  As we shift towards preparing for tomorrow…

Future of Higher Education and the Role of AR and VR

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What is the future of higher education? Draw from a a wealth of perspectives from University leaders around the world, with some firmly divided in two camps. But it is…

Using AR and VR for Blended Learning

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What does it take to succeed in an online and  blended learning environment? As we look at the prospect of online learning becoming a permanent feature of our classroom, how…

How has the pandemic reshaped Higher Education

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  Lauren Razavi from the Guardian shares how the pandemic might have reshaped the landscape of higher education.  Is it all bad news or an opportunity to transform? Founder Dan…

EON Reality Pledges Education Equity for All

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EON Reality Learn for Life The crisis has strengthened our resolve to make AR/VR technology for learning to as many students as possible. We want to ensure that no one…

EON-XR Platform on Oculus Quest Connected to a PC

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Experience the most immersive virtual reality lessons with the Oculus Quest through the VT Lite module on our EON-XR Platform! Quick and seamless, EON-XR can be paired with various head…

NCCET Challenges of Assessing CBE Online

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As we continue to operate under a climate of ambiguity, schools need to look at online learning tools as a permanent feature of the classroom. Yet, how does the learning…

How COVID-19 is driving a long-overdue revolution in education

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"COVID-19 is causing us to challenge deep-rooted notions of when, where, and how we deliver education, of the role of colleges and universities, the importance of lifelong learning, and the…

The Feynmann learning technique

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One of the greatest teachers of our time, Richard Feynmann shone a light on the path to true knowledge and understanding. The Feynmann learning technique, embodied in our self-directed learning…

Healthcare PowerChat Podcast

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We are pleased to release the next episode of our Healthcare #PowerChat podcast series! Enabling Healthcare with AR, VR & XR with EON Reality Chairman, Dan Lejerskar.

Where Remote Learning is Falling Short – And How AR/VR Can Help

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Since the start of the COVID19 pandemic, the landscape of business and education has changed dramatically, rendering major disruptions to both the classroom and the workplace. In real terms, statistics…

Putting Your Classroom AR/VR Learning Plan Into Action

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Last week, we invited Jamie Justice, Director of US Education and Global Innovation to speak about AR/VR related technological developments that have contributed greatly to the classroom experience. This week,…

5 Creative Ways Teachers Can Use EON-XR to Teach at Home

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Over the last couple of weeks, close to 1 billion students around the world have been forced from their classrooms as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. While these measures…