Knowledge is a human right

We see a future where the forces of AI, IoT, AR, and VR come together to propel human-computer interaction to new levels. A world where man and machine intelligence work together for mutual benefit and technology empowers people, rather than pacifies them.

In the workforce

Leverage a seamless blend of AR/VR with our innovative Knowledge Portal, enabling learners to explore images, videos, and texts surrounded by intuitive floating annotations. Experience the thrill of learning as our AI avatar guides you meticulously through every pivotal concept and procedure.

In the classroom

Workforce productivity growth has slowed to a snail’s pace. The productivity growth rate in US from 2005-2014 was half that of the preceding decade. Slow productivity growth leads to poor economic growth and stagnant wages which can have serious social and political repercussions. A key to maintaining high productivity growth rates is educational attainment and development of human capital. A growing shortage of skilled technology workers is resulting in an increasing gap between job openings and hires. For example, 2 of the 3.5 million new US manufacturing jobs will go unfilled over the next decade.

Statement from our Chairman

As the Chairman and CEO of EON Reality, I’d like to personally invite you to reap the benefits of everything that we’ve been doing for the last 25 years to make Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality — collectively known as XR — as easy as possible for users looking to create and share educational and instructional material.

EON Reality has always been built on the belief that knowledge is a human right, with the primary focus being on providing better solutions for learning, training, and performing in the classroom and workplace. Whether the challenge presented comes in the form of a global pandemic or the ongoing issue of short attention spans among students, EON Reality is always finding new and improved ways to bring XR solutions to those who need it most.

For example, our current offering of EON-XR is hardware agnostic, meaning that it works on virtually any device. It also doesn’t require any coding or development knowledge to create and distribute lessons, and comes prepared with over a million XR assets in the library. In other words, it’s a turnkey solution for anyone looking to incorporate XR into their classrooms, training sessions, or other scenarios.

That’s why schools, businesses, and governments in well over 100 countries have started using EON-XR for everything from simple lessons based around 3D objects to fully immersive experiential laboratories and multi-user experiences. You can even use it for practical exams and life-size AR models to help explain objects and procedures while you’re in the field.

But our democratization of EdTech doesn’t end there. While EON-XR offers a complete package for current users, our development team is constantly finding new ways to incorporate real-world information into easy-to-learn XR lessons. That means using tools like Artificial Intelligence and algorithms to help recognize, create, improve, and publish new materials customized specifically to your needs.

I’d like to thank you — as well as our partners, employees, and customers — for helping to make EON-XR the leading XR solution for classrooms and career training around the world. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you need anything at all.

Kind Regards,
Dan Lejerskar

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