What Makes Us Different from The Apes is Disclosed in Barcelona with EON XR at the Montseny Museum.

Give the application a try and learn more about the Montseny Museum.

The Museum Etnològic del Montseny, Gabella, Spain is a center for the exhibition, conservation, dissemination and research of the cultural heritage of the Massís del Montseny, which is installed in a building of the 18C (1800m2) completely restored and adapted, located in the center of Arbúcies.

The permanent exhibition halls show the material testimonies of the communities that have populated the massif throughout its history.

In the same building we will also find the Tourist Office of the town and the Natural Park of Montseny and an exhibition of artisanal trades and an incipient industrialization based on wood turning, textile and bodywork coaches , Which is currently fully consolidated and leading the sector.