EON Reality is bringing new features that further democratize the creation and sharing of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. These features include: user generated content to mobile devices and headsets, assessment, multi-user capability and mixed media features, such as Interactive 3D combined with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360° videos.

Yes, the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality headsets and wearables are “cool”, especially when it comes to use in VR gaming. But the content that is experienced on these devices is what powers these devices. EON Reality has been the leader of content creation since the ‘90s. From K-12 to Medical Education, EON Reality’s VR/AR knowledge transfer helps to learn up to 12 times faster, remember longer, and decide better.

So, how can Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality content excel in other industries, other than gaming? EON Reality is unique in the way that we focus in three specific industries: education, industry, and edutainment. We believe that using VR/AR technology to create immersive and interactive content for students, professors, and industry leaders, is more beneficial than attempting to learn from a $600 text book. Most of us have a smartphone or tablet, which is why we created a content library with more than 7,000 VR/AR apps for education, industry, and edutainment. With EON Experience VR you can use EON’s knowledge transfer applications anytime, anywhere.

Be a part of how we are changing education through Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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