In correspondence with recent studies, EON Reality has predicted that the future Augmented Reality will become a $600 million market. Microsoft’s HoloLens will enable EON Reality to produce the content necessary to create this market boom.

Making most sci-fan’s biggest fascination a reality, the geeks at Microsoft have announced HoloLens, an augmented reality computer platform that will be augmented in the Windows 10 OS. And we are so glad they did.

So what is HoloLens?
HoloLens is Microsoft’s attempt at bringing fantasy into reality. Instead of viewing technology through a screen, the HoloLens enables the user to view a 3D spatially crafted model of the technology interacting with reality. The transparent lens uses a Holographic Processing Unit to transform the applications to suite our real-live world. If the demonstration video is to be believed, it is every hologram based science fiction you have ever seen, made reality.

KZero estimates that the Virtual Reality market could generate over $5 billion revenue annually by 2018 while Eon Reality estimates that the AR market will be worth $660 million. Although, this is a pittance compared to Microsoft’s annual revenue generations, the market, worth nearly nothing today, is expected to grow by leaps and bounds.

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