EON Reality, which specialises in virtual reality technology, has launched a new apprentice scheme to support the booming industry. The firm is one of the world’s leading virtual and augmented reality companies and has launched its first apprentice scheme in Greater Manchester in response to global growth over the past year.

EON Reality’s European HQ is based at Central Park in east Manchester, which is on the Rochdale Metrolink tram line.

Up to 40 places are being created at the HQ for young people aged 18 and above.

The 12-month programme starts in January, 2016, and EON Reality will support apprentices during their training by offering up to £25 per week towards travel expenses.

Individuals will be trained in a range of skills including 3D/virtual reality design, development, programming and application creation.

This training will lead to an apprenticeship and a job in the creative and digital sector with EON Reality.

The course is aimed at people who have some knowledge of digital content or 3D web media and an aptitude to learn about creative digital content, whether that be coding, real-time 3D engine, modelling or animation.

Training will be done by 3D experts from all over the world using the latest technology and apprentices will get the opportunity to develop applications and work on projects that are being used by today’s businesses and education sectors.

Ken Swain, the firm’s UK managing director, said: “We have launched this apprentice scheme in response to the growing demand for augmented reality and virtual reality, particularly with the move to mobile platforms.

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