At EON Reality, we are working at lightning speed to help classrooms around the world transition safely and effectively to an online classroom.  As we shift towards preparing for tomorrow it is now more important than ever to build resilience into our online classrooms. How is it possible to do it at scale? 

To provide support, we consolidated our resources including free access to EON-XR for learning and teaching, dedicated offerings to get started quickly with additional solutions and learning plans to cope through this time of rapid transition.  

Here are some of the resources we think might help

Scaling learning and teaching with EON Reality’s Self Directed Learning Initiative

A free webinar conducted by Founder Dan Lejerskar, outlining how you can quickly transition to online learning using EON-XR and our Self Directed Learning plan.

Remote Learning Offers

As we continue to remediate the courses that were built quickly, EON Reality is now offering a series of classroom AR/VR packages ready for immediate deployment – no headsets required.  

Online videos to get started with EON-XR for Higher Education 

We created a playlist of videos, with step by step instruction on how to use EON-XR to create engaging lessons and a hands-on environment for students to put theory into practice. These lessons can be integrated seamlessly into your lesson plan and provide an opportunity for both teachers and students to demonstrate practical lesson examples. 

Get started with a free EON-XR Platform account 

EON Reality is now offering free access to EON-XR for educators and students to create innovative learning activities and lessons in AR/VR using only a mobile phone or desktop. Start here today!

Get inspired by some of our recent successes with EON-XR 

University for Business and Technology

Al-Akhawayn University

University of the Western Cape

Aldini Valeriani Institute 

Monash University

Online learning is set to be an important part of every institution’s strategy during these unprecedented times.  EON Reality is now ready to provide all the support during this period and help you formulate a digital strategy for the future. Contact us today to get your online classroom up and running.

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