ZENA Technology & Telecommunication Systems, Kuwait

A recent addition to EON Reality’s global network, ZENA Technology has become one of the leading partners in Kuwait.

About ZENA

As an existing technology purveyor in Kuwait, the partnership between ZENA Technology and EON Reality is multifaceted and diverse. Not only does ZENA use and create new lessons with EON-XR, but they can also serve as a distributor to show the power of the XR platform to other businesses and institutions in Kuwait and the surrounding region.

How ZENA is Using EON-XR

ZENA’s ability to create high-quality content for EON-XR has proven to be a great asset for both themselves and the entirety of EON Reality’s global network. Their dedication to EON-XR and the development of advanced lessons in many topics and areas related to popular industries throughout Kuwait has advanced the platform as a whole for many international partners.

Customer Webinar

Dr. Kheder Durah

Executive Manager of ZENA Technology and Telecommunication Systems in Kuwait

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Example Lessons Created by ZENA