EON Reality has ramped up EON-XR significantly to support teachers and students for their online classrooms. And here are some of the ways we are helping to ease the transition, but let us know if you think there is more we could do to help!

✅100% personalized consultation for teachers to map and achieve their classroom learning objectives on EON-XR

✅Online courses and guides for students and teachers to use the EON-XR platform as part of the remote classroom experience (just like the one we are sharing below!)

✅Access to more than 1 million digital assets for wide range of lesson possibilities and design

✅Suggested lesson plans and templates for students to co-create content as part of self-directed and project based learning

✅Collaboration functionalities, including a hands on, participatory immersive classroom (or lecture) that can support up to 100 students in discussion.

✅On demand technical support for troubleshooting

✅75% co-investment to implement EON-XR as part of our Global Emergency Initiative