With EON-XR, here is chance to explore the inner workings of Wassily Kandinsky in AR and VR to see what he hears. In this immersive lesson created by the University for Business and Technology, Kosovo, the viewer is transported into the mind of Wassily Kandinsky to explore his choices of colors and shapes and consider the artistic decisions made in this piece.

Russian-born Wassily Kandinsky pioneered abstract art in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His unique perspective on the form and function of art emphasized the synthesis of the visual and the auditory. He heard sounds as color, and this unusual perception was a guiding force in the development of his artistic style. Like many of Kandinsky’s work in the 1920s, the painting Several Circles features geometric shapes, more particularly a variety of circles. It was a continuation of his research on the interaction of the main elements of paintings, which included geometric forms, colors, and the relationship between them.

Created wholly on EON-XR, anyone can create a fascinating educational experience to explore a multitude of subjects across art, engineering and the humanities.

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