The second Symposium on Virtual Reality in Education was held on May 25 – 26 in Zhangzhou, China, organized by Zhangzhou China Merchants Economic and Technological Development Zone together with Xiamen University. EON Reality was invited as a key speaker at the event together with leading Chinese institutions such as Tsinghua University, Shandong University, China Communication University, and many more.

The education industry, while one of the world’s largest at $5 trillion, is currently 2{0fab034ea82b07661647ea8532e9066bcdd529bddfd482414d4493f90063c904} digitized and presents an enormous opportunity for technology to help provide more effective knowledge transfer. With the market for education technologies set to become a $252 billion industry by 2020, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is quickly gaining traction due to its ability to engage today’s learners in interactive and immersive learning experiences. Subsequently, there is a growing interest from schools, colleges and universities to deploy EON-XR learning solutions for their own courses.

During the first day’s session EON Reality’s VP Asia, Mr Pontus Appelqvist, and General Manager of EON Reality China, Mr Ban LIU, shared how schools and universities is using EON-XR to enable students to learn faster, remember longer and perform better with use cases from a wide range of countries including Australia, France, Oman, Singapore, South Africa, United States, and many more.

At the second day of the event, a tour was also organized to visit the site of the first Interactive Digital Center (IDC) to be established in China. The IDC Hub will be providing a comprehensive set of facilities for education, training, incubation and development of local Intellectual Property (IP) based on the latest AR and VR technologies in the market.