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AVR Platform offers hands on training for thousands of workers

By May 25, 2020 July 24th, 2020 No Comments

I’m so excited about this! EON Reality‘s AVR Platform has now opened up a world of training possibilities with the ability to offer hands on, simulated training for thousands of workers directly from their phones or a VR headset.

In this lesson, trainees can explore a logging truck from inside out, familiarize themselves with key controls and functions and interact with the truck in a collaborative environment with their instructor and peers.

The best part? We can get this up and running in a matter of hours to bring these benefits to you:

✅Minimize risk to trainee health and safety through simulated training
✅Minimize training costs by providing quality training at scale remotely
✅Maximize training efficacy with the use of interactive true to life models in an immersive environment
✅Maximize reach to thousands of workers by providing on-demand training directly from their pockets
✅Unlock an infinite number of training possibilities with the ability to draw from the world’s largest library of more than 1 million digital assets.

For the full hands-on immersive learning experience please click here.Launch the link on your mobile device using Creator AVR if you want to experience it in life size augmented reality.