The partnership makes the Central University of Technology a vital member of the metaverse.

IRVINE, CA, March 29, 2022 – EON Reality, the global leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality-based knowledge and skills transfer for industry and education, announces an upgrade to its existing EON-XR partnership with the Central University of Technology (CUT) to expand the growing knowledge metaverse in South Africa.

Founded in 1981, CUT now educates over 21,000 students across four diverse STEM faculties: Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology, Health and Environmental Sciences, Management Sciences, and Humanities. As a national and international leader in STEM, CUT has been a proponent of e-learning and other digital aspects for years, offering selected programs to students via their Welkom Campus. In 2021, the university partnered with EON Reality to deliver an EON-XR rollout to their students and faculty.

Today, EON Reality will help CUT take its next leap into the future of interactive teaching, adding the university to EON Reality’s global and ever-growing knowledge metaverse. With greater access to more groundbreaking XR solutions, the university will have yet another interactive teaching method that gives its students more opportunities to excel in their respective fields. ​​Given its history as a high-tech university and its focus on work-integrated learning and career-focused education, CUT is a vital addition to EON Reality’s knowledge metaverse in South Africa and beyond.

“The Central University of Technology has a storied STEM tradition. It achieves its goal of being a leading African university of technology that shapes the future through innovation,” says EON Reality founder Dan Lejerskar. “In addition to its focus on tech, CUT’s aim to positively impact the socio-economic conditions of the community aligns perfectly with our ethos at EON Reality. Access to groundbreaking XR solutions and the metaverse give CUT students more opportunities to serve their region and the world.”

With their welcome to the knowledge metaverse, CUT educators can offer their students “hands-on” training without the usual logistical restrictions in many forms of STEM education. The technology’s lifelike 3D models and immersive environments will help professors in every department create stimulating and interactive lessons for those on campus and remotely. EON-XR may significantly assist students in the College of Engineering, Built Environment, and Information Technology, where future engineers can collaborate on large-scale projects in the digital sphere that would be prohibitively expensive in the real world.

CUT will be essential users of EON-XR and eventual contributors to EON Reality’s global network and the knowledge metaverse. Over 80 academic institutions have become creators and curators for EON’s knowledge metaverse in recent months, and each creates and shares experiences based on their areas of expertise. As faculty and students at CUT master EON-XR, they will provide crucial additions for EON Reality’s current and future academic partners.

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