A strong local VR environment was essential when the US company Eon Reality established themselves in Europe. Many new jobs are expected Eon [Reality] is the leading player on the world market for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augment Reality (AR) and develops VR and AR applications for industrial and educational purposes, according to press release. Eon Norway established in spring 2017 with headquarters and production center for VR and AR in Hamar. A showroom where players demonstrate and marketer VR and AR-equipment solutions, established in Elverum. In addition, establishing a one-year in AR and VR at Hedmark University College.

– The collaboration with Eon Norway provides an education in Hamar and Elverum’s unique Norwegian and Nordic context, says college director Pål Einar Dietrichs at Hedmark University College.

Behind creation is a collaboration between municipalities, county, university and local businesses. It is expected that the establishment will generate a significant number of jobs.

– This is a very big day for both Elveum and Hamar, and the whole inland. We show here that we are ahead of the future, says mayor in Elverum, Erik Hanstad. He expects that within three years will be about 100 jobs associated Eons business and that in a six-year perspective is likely to be up to 200.

– The establishment also provides opportunities for other players in the interactive media inland and we think Eon will draw new enterprises to the region, he concludes.

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