EON Reality, a renowned leader in the immersive technology sector, is excited to unveil a collaborative partnership with Eduvators, LLC starting from September 5, 2023. This collaboration symbolizes a pivotal leap in broadening the realms of XR and AI technologies and harnessing their potential for revolutionary educational experiences.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

  • Establishment of the Los Angeles Spatial AI Center: Eduvators’ primary focus will be to contribute to setting up this hub, aiming to position it as a beacon for state-of-the-art XR and AI innovation.

  • Strengthening Service and Development Activities: Eduvators will take on a consultant role, working closely with EON Reality to enhance services, consulting, and consistent developmental activities.

  • Elevating the XR Marketplace: Together, the two entities will revamp the backend strategy of the XR Marketplace, introducing features like video demos, comprehensive descriptions of experiences, user-focused analytics, creator profiles, interactive forums, and much more.

  • Role Opportunities at the AI Center: The partnership offers a plethora of roles within the new center, ranging from positions like Center Director to Managing Director and CEO.

  • Additional Services by Eduvators: Apart from the primary facets of the partnership, Eduvators, LLC will extend additional direct services to institutions. These encompass offerings like content creation, licensing agreement consultations, coaching for content development, and accessibility compliance audits.

Mats Johansson, President of EON Reality, remarked, “Joining hands with Eduvators signifies a merger of visions. We are collectively committed to pushing the boundaries of immersive learning experiences and setting new standards in the XR realm.”

Marcy Drummond from Eduvators, LLC stated, “Embarking on this journey with EON Reality is truly exhilarating. The future is rife with opportunities, and we’re certain that our synergized efforts will birth novel innovations in the world of XR.”


About EONReality: EONReality stands as a global front-runner in augmented and virtual reality-based knowledge and business solutions. Passionate about advancing human performance, EON Reality delivers a comprehensive AR/VR platform catering to a wide array of sectors, including education, industry, healthcare, and entertainment.

About Eduvators, LLC: Eduvators, a vanguard in educational solutions, specializes in utilizing technology to curate transformative learning experiences. They seamlessly integrate educational methodologies with avant-garde technology to produce impactful learning avenues.