EON Reality recently teamed up with the Center for Advanced Engineering Environments (CAEE) at Old Dominion University in Hampton, Virginia, to host an open house featuring the latest immersive 3D technologies for learning, training, and job creation. Mats W. Johansson, President and CEO of EON Reality, demonstrated to attendees the effective use of immersive 3D environments for the accelerated skill development of a high-tech workforce.

Along with the increased utilization of Virtual Reality in industry and education, immersive 3D technologies continue to increase in popularity as they have proven to be more engaging and inspiring in virtual learning and training environments. The open house attendees, who included administrators and educators from various schools, colleges, training and local workforce development organizations, were educated about the newest developments in 3D and immersive Virtual Reality, as well as their potential applications. The event included demonstrations of the EON Ibench Mobile, a showcase of the multi-user collaboration software EON Coliseum, and Augmented Mobile Reality solutions via EON AR Glasses. EON Reality and ODU also have future plans to launch a research collaboration in 2013 around new interaction techniques with the EON Icube Mobile.

“In the coming Intelligence / Convergence Era (post-information age), the synergistic coupling of immersive, multi-sensory visual simulations with virtual worlds, Augmented Reality, smart mobile devices, and intelligent software agents can make a transformative, positive and significant change on product creation, learning, training and accelerated workforce development. We look forward to working with EON Reality and our other partners in demonstrating and realizing the full potential of several emerging technologies,” said Dr. Ahmed K. Noor, William E. Lobeck Professor of MSV Engineering, Old Dominion University.