Irvine, CA – March 06, 2024 – EON Reality Inc., the world leader in XR (Extended Reality) and Spatial AI for education and enterprise, today announced the launch of its highly anticipated Marketplace. This groundbreaking initiative marks the world’s first global trade platform for XR knowledge, empowering organizations and individuals to expand their reach and democratize access to quality education worldwide.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap with XR and AI

The EON Reality Marketplace will revolutionize the way knowledge is shared and accessed. It will enable:

  • Organizations: To expand their global presence by offering valuable XR-based learning experiences to students beyond geographical boundaries.
  • Individuals: To monetize their expertise by creating and trading XR-powered knowledge IP supported by cutting-edge AI guidance technology.

Effortless XR Content Creation for Everyone

The platform’s user-friendly interface and code-free authoring tools make XR content creation accessible to even those without technical expertise. Users can easily convert existing text-based curriculums into immersive XR experiences, ready for publishing and trading on the Marketplace.

Empowering Pioneers in Education and Training

The EON Reality Marketplace empowers educational institutions, training providers, and individual instructors to become pioneers in the XR learning revolution. By offering their expertise on the platform, they can reach a wider audience, generate income, and contribute to building a more accessible and engaging learning landscape.

Benefits for Students Worldwide

Students around the globe will gain access to a diverse range of high-quality, immersive learning experiences created by leading experts from all corners of the world. This opens up new opportunities for personalized learning, regardless of location or background.

About EON Reality

EON Reality is the world leader in XR and Spatial AI, providing innovative solutions for education and enterprise. The company’s mission is to make knowledge accessible, affordable, and engaging for everyone. With its industry-leading technology and global network, EON Reality is paving the way for the future of learning. To learn more, please visit