The partnership includes AI-powered XR solutions for staff and trainers at Defence Technology Institute.

IRVINE, CA, December 19, 2022 – EON Reality, Inc. (“EON Reality”), a global leader in Virtual and Augmented Reality (“XR”)  industry and education solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), has announced a new deal with Thailand’s Defence Technology Institute (DTI). The partnership provides the staff and trainers at DTI with access to EON Reality’s XR tools.

One of the leading research and development agencies under Thailand’s Ministry of Defence, the Defence Technology Institute launched at the start of 2009 as a major part of the Thai government’s program to increase domestic production of necessary weaponry. But while its primary purpose may be arms manufacturing, DTI has proven an invaluable tool for all sorts of technological advancements and creations over the years. Just within the last handful of years, the agency has handled everything from helicopter maintenance to pollution-fighting drone creation. This innovative spirit will prove particularly helpful when using EON Reality’s AI-powered XR solutions, as the immersive products and features will provide a near-limitless amount of new possibilities.

By providing immersive and interactive XR objects and environments, EON Reality’s solutions will deliver top-of-the-line Augmented and Virtual Reality tools to improve the effectiveness and options of the Defence Technology Institute’s innovations. By combining this technology with modern AI, these tools will provide DTI’s trainers and staff with the ability to create elite training experiences in which they can learn, practice and assess knowledge and ability all with one solution. Thanks to EON Reality’s constant focus on accessibility, the XR solutions are designed to be used by all members of the team — meaning that no coding or advanced technological knowledge is necessary to create, use or share content. Trainers can design experiences to teach others, or other staff members can build their own and distribute to their target audience for use on their smartphones, laptops or publicly available headsets.

Between EON Reality’s solutions and the incredible power of AI and XR together, Defence Technology Institute will have new possibilities for training, maintenance and usage on each of their innovations. With these options, trainers are able to provide the staff with world-class, hands-on experiences custom made for the objects and scenarios that would otherwise only exist in-person. With EON Reality’s solutions, DTI will be able to train, learn and practice on everything from their commonplace tools to their proprietary inventions.

“Bringing our solutions to Thailand’s Defence Technology Institute doesn’t just give us the opportunity to work with a great new partner, but also to make a viable difference in the defense and security of the entire nation,” says Dan Lejerskar, Founder, Chairman and CEO of EON Reality. “We have long known how much of a difference EON Reality’s XR solutions can make in the real world, and this provides a stellar example of it. I’m happy we were able to strike up this partnership, and I look forward to seeing how it’s utilized going forward.”

After 25 years of refinement, EON Reality’s solutions are the primary products and content delivery vehicles for AI-powered XR defense solutions. EON Reality’s partnership with the Defence Technology Institute will bring these solutions to trainers and staff so that they may better train, maintain and practice the usage and processes of all necessary defense technology.

About EON Reality

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