EON Reality is in the process of giving one million gifts of knowledge in the format of Augmented and Virtual Reality lessons.

In the spirit of the holiday season, EON Reality is tapping into its fundamental belief that knowledge is a human right and spreading the educational joy to users all over the world. Founder Dan Lejerskar has created countless lessons through EON-XR that can be enjoyed by users both through the Platform and the YouTube series of #FounderLessons. These lessons show off the possibilities of learning using AR and VR, and how a user can transform even the most basic of spaces and subjects into a fascinating educational moment.

Additionally, EON Reality is happy to announce that it will soon be offering a thorough trial version of EON-XR for users who aren’t ready or able to commit to purchasing just yet. This version will allow users to interact and create within a limited amount of lessons, so students, educators, employers, and other prospective users will be able to learn the basics of EON-XR without spending a dime on it.

There will be more info on EON-XR free trial coming soon, but for now users can enjoy the gift of knowledge from EON Reality through EON-XR, social media, and YouTube. Follow along with Lejerskar on LinkedIn for up-to-the-minute updates on the latest and greatest free EON-XR Platform lessons and demos.

Happy holidays from EON Reality!