A recent study conducted by Internet2 in 2018, a not-for-profit consortium, has shown that 28% of higher education institutions across the world have engaged in some form of immersive technology deployment. Indeed, immersive technologies have shown plenty of promise in pilot studies that demonstrate positive links between immersive learning and learner engagement. Yet, the adoption of immersive technologies remains predominantly in a nascent stage, with the vision of large-scale implementation and the creation of new learning paradigms one to be realized.

As part of our efforts to better understand the needs of higher education, EON Reality will be conducting a survey that seeks to identify the critical challenges faced by teachers, learning designers and technologists. The survey (which will be conducted globally) serves to provide cross-national perspectives on teaching and learning which can better inform education technology design in VR and AR.

To better understand these contexts, we will be gathering information to be used for the following purposes:

  1. Distinguish opportunities for enhanced learning with VR and AR technology
  2. Identify and reduce barriers to VR and AR technology adoption
  3. Assess the technology adoption readiness of VR and AR across institutions

We welcome you to participate in the survey by clicking this link.

Thank you for participating and we count on the willingness of participating respondents to share their views for better learning outcomes for the future.