Augmented Virtual Reality (EON-XR) Knowledge Grant provides Colleges and Universities with state-of-the-art AR and VR platform to improve knowledge transfer.

IRVINE, CA, July 12th, 2016 – EON Reality Inc., the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, announces the Augmented Virtual Reality (EON-XR) Knowledge Grant, which offers innovative academic institutions a matching grant to deploy a turn-key VR and AR education solution and co-develop content for Educational and Smart Nation applications. This grant focuses on bringing the necessary infrastructure to Colleges and Universities so they can incorporate Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) learning modules into their classes and improve the educational experience of their students.

EON Reality has a seventeen year history of collaboration with Universities and Colleges from around the world. Universities such as University of California at Irvine, Nanyang Technical University, and Stanford’s Medical School use EON Reality’s knowledge transfer technology to improve their own course offerings, perform Virtual Reality research, and to train new AR/VR developers. The EON-XR Knowledge Grant consists of a customizable EON-XR platform which creates, manages, and disseminates educational AR and VR content, a state-of-the-art EON-XR Lab, EON-XR Curriculum, AR and VR Teaching Specialists, and distribution opportunities for created content to EON Reality’s Global Educational Network.

Augmented Virtual Reality (EON-XR) Knowledge Grant enables academic institutions to experience, manage, create and distribute educational AR and VR content in subjects such as health science, engineering, smart manufacturing, energy, and transportation.

“Rapid technological disruption is destroying existing jobs faster than ever,” said Dan Lejerskar, Chairman of EON Reality. “Technological advancements also create new jobs that require very specific knowledge and skill sets. As a result, academic organizations need to teach more in shorter periods of time, at a lower cost, and at the highest possible quality.The EON-XR Knowledge Grant brings AR and VR based learn-by-doing solutions to universities and colleges which nurtures student’s creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and communication.”

This grant enables innovative Colleges and Universities to expand their capabilities and focus on teaching the knowledge needed for jobs of the future. By blending industry know-how and academic innovation, EON Reality delivers an advanced Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality knowledge transfer platform that empowers professors to focus on higher levels of learning rather than rote memorization. The EON-XR platform empowers students to learn through doing by analyzing, applying, evaluating, and creating.

The Augmented Virtual Reality (EON-XR) Knowledge Grant provides Colleges and Universities with a state-of-the-art AR and VR platform to accelerate knowledge transfer.

“Universities and Colleges have to deliver value to their students and compete with the media rich environment for a student’s attention,” said Mats Johansson, CEO of EON Reality. “EON Reality developed the EON-XR platform and the EON-XR Knowledge Grant to provide students with a learning platform that is engaging, awakens curiosity for learning, but also helps attract and retain students. Our partners found significantly higher levels of student engagement and satisfaction when incorporating Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality based lessons into the classroom.”

In a study of Virtual Reality based lessons, Temasek Polytechnic found that Aerospace Engineering students who participated in VR lessons improved their test scores significantly (almost 25{0fab034ea82b07661647ea8532e9066bcdd529bddfd482414d4493f90063c904}) over students who did not. The EON-XR Knowledge Grant brings this kind of learning to schools globally.

Key benefits for academic institutions:

  • Increase student recruitment, AR and VR Learning is interactive, engaging, and fun providing academic organizations with a key differentiation mechanism and access to higher cognitive learning capability
  • Learn-by-doing, Address the need to improve the customary learning methodology
  • Teach more with less, Takes advantage of the EON-XR learning approach enabling students to learn faster, remember longer, and decide better
  • Virtual Distance learning and collaboration, The EON-XR Coliseum platform provides improved interactive capabilities in conjunction with distance learning and collaborative learning
  • Smart Workers for a Smart Nation, Prepares the students for the upcoming Smart Worker environment that will become standard by the time they graduate
  • Bridge to Employment, Students learn VR and AR addressing the pressing need for development resources in the rapidly growing AR and VR markets that will become an estimated $150 B by 2020
  • World’s largest AR/VR learning library, Access to the world’s largest AR and VR Library for learning
  • Local Produced IP and Curriculum, New institution owned IP yields sustainable revenues through royalties derived from new EON-XR Curriculum created by the academic institution and distributed by EON Reality’s global educational network
  • Capitalize on the EON-XR platform value, Opportunity to generate revenues from students access to the EON-XR platform
  • Fast-track employable students, Ensure that students acquire the knowledge needed for future jobs more effectively through EON-XR knowledge transfer
  • Competitive Advantages for Corporate Partners, Up to 12 times faster knowledge transfer and up to 40{0fab034ea82b07661647ea8532e9066bcdd529bddfd482414d4493f90063c904} quality improvement

To learn more about the EON-XR Knowledge Grant benefits and the Academic Institution eligibility requirements please contact EON Reality at [email protected].

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