The latest update to EON Reality’s EON-XR Platform includes multi-user functionality, interaction recording, and more new features for maximizing efficiency and managing accounts.

Today we announce a major update for the EON-XR Platform featuring useful changes to all three featured products as well as the brand new EON-XR Web Portal to bring them all together.

EON-XR’s Interaction Recording feature now allows users to take lesson creation a step further. By recording their movements and interactions with objects in the app — along with the pre-existing voiceover option — educators of all types can now go into significantly more detail and precision during their interactive lessons.

Additionally, the new collaboration feature in EON-XR allows both teachers and students to add more than one user to their educational sessions. With a simple email invitation, two or more students or trainees can experience the same lesson at the same time, making it ideal for both group studying and instructors looking to teach more efficiently.

The brand new EON-XR Web Portal allows users to access and control all three services on EON-XR through a single sign-on. Once logged into their account, users can manage team members, trainers, trainees, and everyone’s various roles and content permissions.

The EON-XR Web Portal also allows Virtual Trainer users to launch remote training sessions directly from their browser as either a trainer or a trainee. This allows training lessons to be taught from anywhere in the world at anytime, opening up the benefits of Virtual Trainer to anyone with an internet connection. Trainers on a desktop and trainees in virtual reality can now see, speak, and interact with each other entirely over the web.

AR Assist also brings in some powerful new features such as improved Microsoft Hololens support and Vuforia’s model targeting feature, which allows digital twins to overlay with their physical counterparts in real time. Now, users can see digital adjustments, expansions, and detailed views that would be inaccessible on the physical model itself.

Thanks to a new partnership with 3D model marketplace CGTrader, users of EON-XR will now have access to a massive supply of pre-existing 3D models to easily add into their own apps. The new pairing could prove exceptionally useful for educators and other EON-XR users who may not have the means to design their own virtual reality objects, as they will now have even more tools at their disposal for quickly developing new experiences in a matter of minutes.

For the users who have their own content, the new SAP Conversion Tool now allows them to bring file types such as Maya, Autocad, Cinema 4D, 3D-Studio-Max, OBJ, and more directly into EON-XR with a single click. By moving their CAD files directly into EON-XR, moving from production to training in Virtual Trainer is faster than ever before.

Contact a sales representative at EON Reality today for more information about EON-XR’s new features.

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