IRVINE, CA , March 11, 2024 – EON Reality, a global leader in spatial artificial intelligence and knowledge transfer, is excited to announce a significant advancement in its global strategy. Following an extensive analysis, EON Reality has identified over 17,750 key prospects across 190 countries, encompassing top academic institutions, government bodies, and leading companies within EON’s six core sectors.

Strategic Initiative Highlights:

Comprehensive Global Mapping: Identification of over 17,750 key local organizations worldwide, including:

  • Top Academic Institutions
  • Leading Government Bodies
  • Premier Companies in EON’s six core sectors

Engagement and Development Strategy:

EON Value Added Resellers (VAR) Engagement:

  • VAR partners are encouraged to contribute significantly by developing 10 specialized courses for identified local organizations in their respective regions.
  • Courses must be localized, offering practical insights and tailored to the unique needs of each organization.

Ownership and Incentives:

  • VARs will retain ownership of the developed courses, potentially generating substantial revenue from the sales of these experiences.

Action Plan for VAR Partners:

  1. Review the comprehensive list of identified local organizations.
  2. Utilize EON’s AI Ready Complete technology to develop impactful, relevant courses.
  3. Deadline Target: All courses must be developed and ready by the end of March.

Incentives and Accountability:

  • Reward for Timely Completion: A sales commission boost for the next quarter for partners who meet the March deadline.
  • Consequences of Delay: A reduction in commission rates for those who fail to meet the deadline.

Call to Action and Upcoming Discussion:

EON Reality invites all partners and team members to a critical discussion to further elaborate on this initiative. Participants are encouraged to come prepared with questions and suggestions.


This initiative marks a crucial phase in EON Reality’s mission to enhance its global presence and value proposition. The company recognizes the dedication and innovation of its partners and team members as vital to the collective success of this ambitious project.

About EON Reality

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