EON Reality’s Singapore team was out in full force at the World Education Congress to see their very own Ridwan Othman, Senior Director of EON-XR Solutions at EON Reality Singapore, win an award as one of the globe’s 50 Fabulous EdTech leaders.

“In 20 years of implementing and designing effective edutech and learning solutions for various institutions and organizations across the world, I find that good pedagogy coupled with great and purposeful technology, is key. It is a privilege for me to be able to enjoy a reputation on ‘both sides of the coin’ — being an educator and also a learning technology practitioner. I am proud and humbled to have received this award today. The achievement represents the ongoing growth at EON Reality, as it continues its innovation dominance in the education sector across the APAC region.”

After the awards, EON Reality’s education and industry teams from the APAC regional headquarters took to the stages and exhibition halls in the beautiful setting of Mumbai, India to deliver a set of workshops and discussions.Augmented and Virtual Reality are increasingly being used by students, teachers, lecturers, and educational organizations world over. Have you tried EON-XR yet? With EON Reality, you can meet the higher expectations of your students and lecturers.They also delivered a full keynote presentation about the global evolution of engagement and pedagogy in classrooms at the World Education Congress.

Othman provided the presentation with a key takeaway: that educational organizations, learning technologists, curriculum designers, and even IT managers need to choose the right technology at the right time for the right purpose.

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