The participants in the 3D market can be broken down into the following categories: Display Makers, Hardware Makers, Content Providers, Service Providers, Software Providers and Standards Organizations. EON Reality is positioned within the software category of 3D visualization. As a necessary means to expand the footprint of its software business, the company engages in the sale of displays and other integrated hardware solutions.

  • The company have installed systems in more than 25 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America, and distributed 200,000 personal edition licenses of its software.
  • EON’s solutions are comprised of authoring tools, application, and server software. EON’s underlying technology platform, has capabilities to convert data from 120 different CAD formats into interactive 3D objects, render virtual reality visualization in multiple publishing formats and be imported into advanced collaborative 3D world environments. (see EON Coliseum)
  • EON’s products are able to output to a variety of 3D technologies for example, stereoscopic displays, holographic displays, or immersive rooms. The products have been deployed in trade shows, kiosks, showrooms, and other recreational facilities.
  • The Company is well-positioned to tap future 3D markets; Rich Media Publishing, Immersive Education Centers, and Augmented Tele-Presence.
  • The Company’s management was behind the creation of the first consortium of software and hardware providers for the 3D industry, bringing together Microsoft, nVidia, Christie Digital and HP in addition to EON