The first ever commercial Idome for EON Reality Inc was inaugurated on Friday 27th of January 2017 in Mauritius. The Idome is situated in a prime site at the Bagatelle mall, one of the most visited malls on the island of Mauritius.

It was a fantastic event attended by the Mauritian Minister of ICT, Hon. Y. Sawminaden, Mats Johansson, CEO EON Reality Inc, shareholders of EON Reality Inc (Mauritius Telecom and States Informatics Ltd), stakeholders from various sectors of the economy as well as overseas visitors from Egypt, Middle East, and Singapore. The Idome site is professional and consumer friendly in all from ticketing system, to fit out, and marketing visuals. The experience was amazing and the feedback from visitors and dignitaries alike were tremendous.

We are really proud of this completely unique product EON Reality is bringing to the market.

About the Idome:

The Idome offers an immersive 3D experience for up to 24 people and it is designed to blend high resolution cinematography with interactive 3D elements to create compelling, inspiring, and fun edutainment experiences for guests.

The immersive environment provides every participant with a seamless full field-of-view 3D experience without any edge to the screen or projection. You can feel the action as your seats rumble and move along with the experience. Each guest can interact with the content using continuously tracked personal handheld IR-based devices.