IRVINE, Calif., July 28, 2010 – EON Reality, Inc., the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, has partnered with Texas Instruments and other pioneering technology companies to introduce schools in five districts in Texas, Florida, California and Colorado to virtual learning through a careful roll out and study of 3D in the classroom.

Len Scrogan is the Director of Instructional Technology for the Boulder Valley School District. Working to implement research-based technologies into teaching and learning, Scrogan is currently involved in a project introducing the innovative use of 3D in the classroom and bringing virtual learning to schools. Scrogan was recently named the 2009 Outstanding Technology Administrator by the Colorado Association of School Executives.

After months of exploration, the appropriate 3D content has been selected and a study is ready to be launched this September. “We have four schools currently engaged in a case study on the effectiveness of 3D technology in the K-12 classroom, in collaboration with researchers. The four school environments are diverse in nature; three fourth grade classrooms in an elementary school, focusing on science and math instruction; three advanced science classrooms in a large high school; one middle school science teacher serving low socio-economic limited English language students; and one special education day treatment facility. The teachers are using the 3D instruction as introductory, teaching, review, and/or assessment experiences. Technically, EON Reality’s interactive development tools are being utilized in this project on the back end by content developers and on the front end by teachers using 3D players in classroom instruction,” said Len Scrogan.

Scrogan added technology tools such as mobility learning, 3D, and other visual learning or augmented reality approaches have high potential to support the learning experience. “We are also having notable success with broad digital content access, collaborative tools, audience response systems, and podcasting in learning.”

When asked about how educational institutions can stimulate and provide global access to collective knowledge, he explained: “First, we need to meet each other–either personally or virtually. We need to find common ground, engage in common projects, and do this centered on students, not the technology itself.” However, he continued: “This isn’t easy, so to create highly visible and repeatable examples is a first step. After we instantiate successful projects, we need to leverage those projects to create increased visibility and scalability.” He thinks that time is one of the biggest challenges for education and training today. “Access to the scarce resource of time–to train and expand the skill set of teachers is our biggest challenge. Teachers are bright, willing, and richly capable but they are very, very busy.”


About EON Reality
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