In this application example, we’ll delve into the Construction and History categories to take a look at León Cathedral Cloister. Constructed and recorded with EON-XR’s 9.0 update, this quick video will show the breadth of possibilities available within our flagship solution. See the simple, smooth, and efficient process of turning real life objects and surroundings into digital XR assets for use in EON-XR in seconds before building complex and immersive lessons in mere minutes. With an abundance of creation features, language and regional settings, and premade assets and lessons, let this example demonstrate exactly what you could be doing with EON-XR.

Santa María de León Cathedral, also called The House of Light or the Pulchra Leonina is a Catholic church in the city of León in north-western Spain. It is one of the most relevant examples of the Gothic style in Spain. It was built on the site of previous Roman baths of the 2nd century which, 800 years later, king Ordoño II converted into a palace. Almost all of it built between 1205 – 1301, the north tower and cloister were built in 14th-century, and the south tower completed in 1472