Thanks to a collaborative partnership with the French State and the Pays de la Loire Region, EON Reality installed EON-XR in schools for use with LEXYZ.

LEXYZ is a comprehensive curriculum experiment for the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality (EON-XR) in the National Education System in France ⁠— and will look to spread across the whole of Europe, with many countries like Germany and the UK still to follow suit.

The first lessons began with 500 students from across the Laval area in France, with samples of willing learners from 4th grade to 9th grade (CM1 to 3rd in French education system, Years 5 to 10 in the UK).

Working toward a vision for Classroom 3.0 and true immersive learning, the Laval team’s work with the LEXYZ project was built in partnership with l’Education Nationale (Académie de nantes) to enable teachers to use EON-XR technologies as new educational tools in the classroom. This innovative project and platform approach to traditional classroom teaching is supported by focus testing where the development team was able to assess (with schools) how receptive and engaged young people are in the face of these new technologies.

Focus testing the use of EON-XR solutions remains an important success factor for academic institutions around the world. Increasingly, students, teachers, lecturers, and educational organizations are all starting to build higher expectations of their technology consumption and how the latest technology is being incorporated into the ways they both learn and educate.EON Reality’s Laval office and the team from l’Education Nationale (Académie de nantes) were given the chance to assess the usefulness of immersive technology for tablets as it was deployed across a variety of subjects including history, biology, and general science.

Being able to move within a virtual space and engage with elements engages learners like never before.

Student feedback remains strong and enthusiastic for the LEXYZ program.

As the capabilities of EON-XR technology grow more evolved, the importance of positive feedback in the use of immersive technologies in the classroom is significant. Ultimately, for schooling and education systems to evolve globally, they must be proven as tools to encourage the desire to learn ⁠— not just as novelties.

Thanks to the collaboration with the French State and l’Education Nationale (Académie de nantes), this partnership clearly displays the universal potential for not only EON-XR in academic settings, but also a fundamental change in the lesson delivery and learning dynamic between teachers and students.