Mexico State is slated to become the headquarters of EON Reality Inc.’s new Interactive Digital Center. The company is an international frontrunner in the development of virtual reality in conjunction with education and entertainment. The center will encompass four key components: it will be a school to develop local talent, a content-generating factory, a platform for distributing it and another for disseminating it.

The entertainment industry is where the most virtual reality experimentation is going on. VR projects in Mexico are not only focused on fun but on education and advertising, as well.

A tough battle is about to happen. You, fine combat pilot that you are, will lunge and turn at nearly 62 miles an hour to overcome your enemies, the extraterrestrials. Think you’ll make it? That’s the kind of experience that roller coaster enthusiasts will be having in 2017.

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that is having an impact on many industries but most of all on entertainment. As an example, the Six Flags amusement park announced the next year’s unveiling of “The New Revolution”, the first virtual reality-enhanced roller coaster in Mexico. Users will wear a VR headset that will enable them to take curves at an incredible speed and have an immersive experience.

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