Using EON Merged XR to Mitigate California’s power failure concerns amid heat wave.

EON’s new Merged XR Product has been designed to enable Energy conservation. EON’s learn, train, perform approach not only trains consumers in scaling back their electricity usage to conserve energy but also can actively issue Live alerts through its IOT digital twin integration when consumers are involuntarily over consuming with hands on guidance how to revert to conserve mode.
The governor issued a state of emergency in 50 of 58 counties and asked residents to cut water usage. California power companies urge conservation amid dangerous heat wave. Many areas will likely see temperatures in the triple digits.
Companies like PG&E and California ISO are encouraging customers to conserve power as the state power grid stands to be overwhelmed. More customers will be relying on cooling energy, especially at night.
As the American West faces a historic heat wave, California power companies are asking customers to consider scaling back their electricity usage to conserve energy as the hot temperatures threaten blackouts. Some steps homes can take include setting thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, avoiding using household appliances that run on a lot of power, and turning off unnecessary lights