EON Reality is unlocking plug and play virtual reality learning experiences with the Vault. For the first time in the company’s 21 year history, we are providing unprecedented access to a library of more than 1,200 virtual reality applications.  This means any virtual reality learning application now be transferred directly to any operating system and deployed immediately for teaching and learning.

These applications were developed with training colleges and universities and  range from complex diagnostic medical training to oil and gas safety operations. Verified and accredited by curriculum development experts, it is now easier than ever to up skill and learn through  virtual reality applications that have been successfully used in institutions around the world.

“It was an easy decision to make”

Plug and Play VR

Founder of EON Reality Dan Lejerskar saw the immense potential that was languishing in the vault.

“Many of these applications cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop, and have been tried and tested on the field to great success. However, I discovered that many of these applications which had great training and learning potential were not being fully utilized. In line with our company mission to expand access and equity, I wanted to see more people enjoying the learning benefits of virtual reality, therefore offering an accessible plug and play model was an easy decision to make.”

The plug and play model of the vault was also a response to the number one challenge of content creation.

“The bottleneck of content creation has long stymied the adoption of virtual and augmented reality for learning. One of EON Reality key development principles is to minimise these bottlenecks where possible. The first initiative we took was to make it easy for anyone without any coding knowledge to develop AR and VR lessons on EON-XR. The second was to offer immediate access to complex learning scenarios which would otherwise take years to develop.”

EON Reality is now ready to offer  hands on, experiential immersive learning experiences and invites you to explore the Vault today.