Just in time for the 2015 Football season to kickoff, teams from the NFL are investing in SIDEKIQ, the virtual reality football-simulator software, for training their QB’s.


EON Sports VR developed SIDEKIQ which simulates the speed of an NFL game, allowing the user to tailor a virtual game to their perspective. Jay Crawford says players can gain endless reps in a day without punishing hits on the Quarterback. “This is a real learning tool I feel will change the future of the NFL.”

Michele Steele of ESPN asked Brendan Reilly, CEO and founder of EON Sports VR, to put the audience in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Quarterback, Jameis Winston‘s, shoes.

“We take those X’s and O’s, bring them into our SIDEKIQ engine, and you’re truly inside the game,” said Reilly. “What these NFL players like is the mobility, ease of use, and ease of interaction. You need to have interaction when you’re talking about Virtual Reality, or else you’re just sitting in a new, glorified game room.”

When it comes to preparation in the NFL, SIDEKIQ allows a new, more engaged way, to get 10 times the amount of repetitions, in the quarter of the time. Results of preliminary studies have proven that when using this technology, there is a 30-60{0fab034ea82b07661647ea8532e9066bcdd529bddfd482414d4493f90063c904} increase in a Quarterback’s ability to read the field and make the right decisions, when he is actually on the field.

EON Sports VR created SIDEKIQ as a better way to supplement repetitions while keeping bodies fresh and energetic, so when players step on the field, they have the experience without the wear and tear.

ESPN NFL Analyst Jeff Saturday said, “I think anytime you can bring technology and less reps on the body, it’s a good thing for our game”