It is with delight that we can officially confirm EON Reality’s Virtual Trainer scooped the winning  prize as the Best Product, for London Tech Week 2018!

During London Tech Week’s anchor event, Tech XLR8, Virtual Trainer was named the winner of the AR & VR Futureproof Awards. The reasons for the win included how it stood out as ‘the most innovative, business-relevant’ example of Virtual Reality. This is a huge accolade, given 2018’s explosive growth of the the AR and VR industry today.

The award-winning product fought off strong competition from huge technology industry players and partners including Nokia, the NHS and Lampix’s AR ‘smart surface’. Following the glitzy party at Gibson Hall in the City of London, EON Reality’s UK team will be picking up the accolade this week after the London Tech Week awards ceremony.

It’s tremendous! I am very proud of the Manchester team and their achievement. This is a fantastic win for EON Reality. We are thrilled to not only be long-listed, but shortlisted as the leading finalist, because our peers within the category are currently known for quite interesting takes on innovation. So, for EON Reality to then walk away as the winner, is simply incredible.

The Manchester development team wowed the AR and VR category judges with their commitment to making Virtual Trainer smart enough to cope with advanced, multi-user enterprise learning needs and data analytics. Virtual Trainer, a SaaS Product on EON-XR, was the strongest contender, as it showed judges how it was “transforming business, lives and society” through innovative implementation of VR.

EON Reality’s nomination was also noted for clearly supporting how Virtual Trainer demonstrates high quality environment and model design to reveal clear collaboration with enterprise learning experts, showing VR at its best in facilitating safe practice of complex procedures, encouraging positive workplace behaviours, and replicating real-world intricate user interactions. Finally, Virtual Trainer was able to demonstrate world class innovation thanks to a feature set which supports advanced learning, integration and data capture.

The company’s pledge to making AR and VR the technology which enhances human knowledge transfer was brought to the fore, as the EON Reality’s unique position that combines the education sector’s sensibilities with enterprise product focus was outlined as a critical factor within the nomination.

I’d like to thank the UK team for their hard work, every single day. It’s their determination and creativity which ensures we always lead the pack, and I am inspired by how they continually improve product capabilities and their own skills to constantly exceed the needs of clients. We look forward to more achievements – and of course, retaining our award-winning status in 2019 and beyond!Virtual Trainer forms the core VR offering within EON Reality’s SaaS offering, the Augmented Virtual Reality (EON-XR) Platform. It is a multi-user, advanced VR product which enables globally connected, centralized virtual procedure, scenario and operations training across six core industry verticals. These are Aerospace, Manufacturing, Energy, Healthcare and Medical, Education, and Security and Defense.Learn more about Virtual Trainer