The COVID-19 pandemic has been a watershed moment for education, exposing the inherent weaknesses while revealing opportunities for transformation. In this piece by the Brookings Institution, experts from the UK and the US reflect on the impact on education.


Top 10 risks and opportunities for education in the face of COVID-19

March 2020 will forever be known in the education community as the month when almost all the world’s schools shut their doors. On March 1, six governments instituted nationwide school closures due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic, and by the end of the month, 185 countries had closed, affecting 90 percent of the world’s students.

Founder, Dan Lejerskar shares his views.

“The pandemic has been a profound learning experience for us all. But what has struck me the most, is our incredible capacity to collectively adapt to new norms and deliver learning continuity for most of the students. Yet it is clear we can do better and I would add one more to the list in the context of higher education. As we continue moving forward, we have the opportunity to create a cohesive and sustainable framework to take our students from the classroom to the workplace. A framework linking  knowledge to application, to ensure learning no longer happens in isolation within the ivory towers of higher education.”

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COVID-19 Recovery with Competency Based Education