Spatial AI Center: 

Learn. Train. Perform.
 Future Proof Your Organization

Training and Education

The Spatial AI Center provides comprehensive training and
preparation for the implementation and use of AI technologies. This
involves not only technical training but also preparing students for
the effects of AI on society, economy, and various sectors.

Innovation and Research

The center serves as a hub for innovation and research, where the
latest AI technologies are explored, developed, and tested. The
research conducted here ranges from fundamental theoretical work to
applied research that solves real-world problems.

Workforce Development

The center fosters partnerships and collaborations with government
bodies, commercial entities, and educational institutions to build
the workforce of the future using the latest in AR/AI training

Sustainability and Efficiency

A key focus of the Spatial AI Center is promoting sustainability and
efficiency through the use of AI. This includes exploring ways in
which AI can be used to reduce overhead, improve resource usage, and
drive economic growth.

Job Creation

By fostering the growth and development of AI technologies, the center
is instrumental in creating new job opportunities in the field. This
includes roles in research and development, training, and
implementation of AI technologies.

Future-Proof Technology

A major goal of the center is to prepare organizations for the future
by providing access to cutting-edge AI technologies and strategies.
This ensures that these organizations remain competitive and efficient
as the world increasingly adopts AI.

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Dr. Mary Gallagher, President

Los Angeles City College (LACC)

“This technology is incredible, it is life changing”

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