Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Jameis Winston will use EON Sports VR‘s Virtual Reality football-simulator, SIDEKIQ, starting at their training camp on August 1st to accelerate picking up the Bucs playbook. Winston and other quarterbacks will be able to get realistic repetitions as if they were on the field through Virtual Reality plays and SIDEKIQ. The Buccaneers join several high profile Universities in using SIDEKIQ technology such as: University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), Syracuse University, and the University of Kansas (KU).


As the first NFL team to introduce Virtual Reality technology, the Buccaneers also plan on incorporating instructional sessions for youth football at the Cannonfire QB Clinic on July 25th at Skyway Park in Tampa, FL. EON Sports VR is enhancing the learning experience, allowing players to gain more reps and reach their maximum potential.

“We are excited to be coming in on the front end of this new wave of technology that is designed to supplement the on-field and classroom work that our quarterbacks are already doing,” said Buccaneers General Manager Jason Licht. “Obviously, there is no real substitute for being on the field when it comes to getting our players ready for game action. However, this virtual reality technology allows us to enhance the learning experience for our quarterbacks without requiring them to put in additional time on the practice fields.”

SIDEKIQ Challenge is a Virtual Reality based football training simulator for athletes that allows players and coaches to unlock the true potential and take their game to the next level. Users will have access to high level football training used by elite athletes on their mobile phones anytime, anywhere.

EON Sports VR has innovated the world of sports training by introducing Virtual Reality sports training. Athletes engage in real-life lessons and repetitions, just as if the player is standing on a field. SIDEKIQ Challenge is the only Virtual Reality sports training solution where athletes benefit from real-life repetitions at real time game speeds with the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. SIDEKIQ Challenge is democratizing training for American Football and Baseball, enabling an evolution in personal sports training and improving the potential of athletes, coaches, and professionals.

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