Continuing our effort to help educators and trainers of all types become comfortable with using EON-XR, EON Reality is happy to announce the next set of our new informational video series detailing the application’s many important aspects.READY TO EXPERIENCE THE PLATFORM?Each brief video provides a detailed walkthrough (complete with full narration) of a single function or feature of EON-XR. Within the second series, Creating with EON-XR, users will learn how to create new courses and add annotations, voiceovers, videos, and activities, as well as how to best use interaction recording and collaborative sessions.In this lesson, we will cover how to create a new lesson and course.In this lesson, we will how to add annotations to components and sub-components.In this lesson, we’ll cover how to add voiceover narration and videos to lessons in EON-XR.In this lesson, we’ll cover how to add activities to lessons.In this lesson, we’ll cover how to add an interaction recording to a lesson.In this lesson, we’ll cover how to initiate a collaborative session in EON-XR.Although each video is focused on a single aspect, the series are grouped in a manner to allow users to gain a more in-depth understanding of EON-XR as a whole when viewed together. Stemming from the extensive knowledge of EON Reality’s own world-renowned education experts, the videos are specifically designed to provide teachers with the information they need in order to utilize the technology on an everyday basis.Regardless of academic level or technological knowledge, EON Reality’s EON-XR instructional videos are the perfect way to gain a better understanding of both the application and how Augmented and Virtual Reality can be used in the classroom going forward. As a simple way to develop and distribute EON-XR lessons and courses, EON-XR is a tool that teachers all over the world could use to bring their teaching into the future and embrace the Classroom 3.0 model.With over 20 topics broken down over the course of four series, our second installment of videos will provide everything users need to know to start creating with EON-XR. Check out our YouTube channel and stay tuned for more videos, or try out EON-XR for free right now.READY TO EXPERIENCE THE PLATFORM?